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  • A printable at-home holiday puzzle experience from Escape Room Virginia!


    Jack Frost is up to his old mischief, spreading sabotage around the North Pole right before Christmas! Santa needs your help watching over his workshop while he handles the trickster. Decipher Jack's journal to undo all the damage before it's too late. Check the naughty list, plan the sleigh flight, fulfill children's wishes, and more - by the end of it, you just might find out Jack Frost's weakness so Santa can stop his misbehavior for good!

    You can play these puzzles by printing them out for a bigger group experience, or you can look at them on your device. Either way, make sure you have a pen and paper handy! After the puzzles, we have provided some hints to help you in case you get stuck. You can start with the first hint for each puzzle and keep reading if you need more - the hints get more specific as you go. Once you think you have the solution, check the end - there's a special letter from Santa waiting for you!

    Santa's Helpers: Printable At-Home Holiday Activity

    • Users may not copy, sell, or distribute contents to any parties outside of purchase. All contents belong to Escape Room Virginia, LLC

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