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What to do after Escaping with Us

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Want something to do? New to the area? Just visiting?

With the weather warming up (and hopefully drying out) there's lots to do in our little corner of the world. Here are our recommendations on things to do and events to attend this month across Hampton Roads!

April 1st:

April 1st - 2nd:

April 2nd:

April 15th:

April 16th:

April 19th:

April 21st - 23rd:

April 22nd:

April 23rd:

April 27th:

April 28th - 29th:

April 28th - 30th:

Multiple Dates:

Maybe we'll see some of you out and about, but we'll definitely see you at your next escape experience ;) #booknow

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