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An Escape Room Owner's Guide to the Galaxy

Welcome to the blog about people, puzzles, and dispelling the roomers...

An escape room is like a box of chocolates,

Too many in one day, and you'll get sick.

Kidding - of course. I've come to view my career as a giant escape room. I even dream of it... I'm trapped in unfamiliar territory, grasping at ideas, fluctuating between observing the bigger picture and hyper-fixating on something rather useless. There are players moving about, challenges to overcome, and usually therein lies some poor soul with enough gumption and leadership to try to run the show. Oh wait - that's Me.

My name is Candice Gallmeyer, owner of Escape Room Virginia in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I've worked in the design and marketing industry for over 10 years, and with Escape Room Virginia since 2019, building quality escape games for the community to explore and enjoy. I've put my hands into every part of the business, from assembling a dream team of Gamemasters to burning my fingers re-wiring electromagnetic locks, all in the name of "The Game."

In the blog entries to come,

I'll share what I've learned about team-building and human nature from my years in the Escape industry, and how that might be helpful to you. Why is an escape room the perfect practice arena for real-world challenges? And why, in my humble opinion, does everyone need to play an escape game at least once, as friends, a family, or a co-workers?

In my experience, building a quality escape room is the biggest challenge I've ever faced, and I've done it seven or eight times. Like the human experience, it's a multidimensional project that evolves over time. I'll talk about that, too! I'll write about intentional design and puzzle-making. What does it take to build a good puzzle? What about a bad puzzle? Are you building systems at home or at work that are actually just bad puzzles?

What are the secrets to running an escape room business and why is it still one of the world's fastest growing industries, since 2015? I'll tell you.

At the end of the day, I am always proud and humbled to present this space to our community. Our hundreds of positive reviews remind me that we are doing the good an important work of expanding minds and bringing people together.

I look forward to sharing the hints and clues I'm able to provide you with, whether you find yourself a team player or a team leader. At Escape Room Virginia, we are on a mission to convince the world that teamwork doesn't have to feel like work; that problem-solving can be rewarding and dare we say it - exhilarating. - C

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